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It's estimated that one in every 20 men feels the need to dress in some women's clothes. You may be standing next to him.

CDRI Mission Statement 

To promote evidence-based psychological and physical healthcare, education, research, and social policy to further the understanding of crossdressing/transvestism.

To reduce the misdiagnosis of and erroneous beliefs about crossdressing/transvestism.

To sponsor outreach to educate, dispel fear, and correct misunderstandings about the crossdress community with evidence-based facts.

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The prisoner within 

You are the inmate of your own prison.

Many of us let her out in tightly controlled security. She knows of distant hotel rooms or a home with all its shades drawn. Freedom? At least its better then the closet. Much like a prison yard, the boundaries are set and secure. She does not go beyond. Fear keeps the walls up. You yearn to let your butterfly soar! But how? The fear returns.

Tri-Ess and CrossDress Travel offer venues where security and acceptance assure a loving setting. You will find an open expansive setting without any erotic overtones. Now, the she of you can be free and express herself in her, your, unique beautiful way.

Check out our Partners page. There you will also find the best resources available. The YouTube show “Free to be She” on the CrossDress Radio Network (CDRN) is a great source of truth. It has hundreds of videos directed to helping you and your wife/girlfriend with understand the crossdress culture. CDRN delves into the deeper needs and psychology of crossdressing. Another great source is The Fox and the Phoenix podcast. You will enjoy their shows as they are very helpful for the crossdresser and his wife/girlfriend. Many others have walked your walk and they are here to help you on your new journey. Join the sisterhood and their wives. We reach to you with peaceful hands and open hearts.

We are the straight men with a strong feminine side. Put your fear aside and let kindness in. Both of you have many questions just like I did. As others helped us, we are here to help you. While at the same time, we gain new friendships, deeper connections and greater growth.

When we gather, we find that most all of us drop our egos and male competitiveness. We love the time we spend as and with her.

Now you live a fuller life being able to express all of you.


I’ll address this confusion with another question: Why investigate the unknown?

Society has gained a better understanding of gender and sexual orientation issues in the past decade, leading to greater acceptance and equality. Yet widespread ignorance and . . .   READ MORE... 


With the help of Dr. Dana Bevan, the Survey’s journey led to Emory University, Atlanta, GA. Dr. Bevan PhD is the President of USPATH (United States Professional Association of Transgender Health).

Dr. Bevan has helped us along the way and introduced us to the President of WPATH (World PATH). Dr. Vin Tangpricha, MD, PhD and a Professor at Emory. Dr. Tangpricha accepted the task of becoming the Principal Investigator on this project for Emory. Work is still underway for final approval by Emory.

Directly involved at this time are: Jennifer Sometimes, Crossdresser, CrossDress Radio Network; Dr. Jane Ellen Fairfax MD, Crossdresser, Chairwoman Tri-Ess; Rhonda Lee, Crossdresser, Director National Outreach, Tri-Ess; Kristine MaWhinney, Graduate, Emory University.

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Welcome to the crossdress survey pre-registration page. We will be releasing the survey soon. When the survey is available, you will receive an email with a direct link to it.

This survey is intended for a wide spectrum of crossdressing people—from those who occasionally wear a female garment, to those who present themselves fully as female.

To pre-register, just click this link: 

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Thank you in advance for your contribution to a better understanding of crossdressers from around the world. This understanding is crucial for supporting crossdressers and their loved ones and promoting social acceptance.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Your personal information will never be sold, given, or transferred in any way beyond this survey. The survey does not ask for any personally identifying information. The only contact information we need is an email address.

Your email will not be sold or transferred beyond CDRI. You will be notified when the survey is released, when results are published, and when new surveys are released.

By participating in the survey, you are taking part in a historically important contribution to human understanding.


When necessity demands and the stars properly align, separate organizations can sometimes merge their strengths in a mutually beneficial alliance. Tri-Ess, CDRI, and CDRN found common ground and a shared purpose in their work for crossdressers. The result is a synergistic association that facilitates the work of providing services for crossdressers and their families.  


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CD Cruise celebration survey launch

Join us for a fabulous crossdressers celebration cruise, where we will be presenting the results of the CDRI survey. We will be also celebrating Halloween, and dressing to the nines in our femme best. 

More info / register for survey presentation during the cruise


We proudly present our partners each of whom are strong supporters of CDRI and the Crossdressing Community. 

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We are just beginning our fundraising efforts. Please support our mission to better understanding crossdressing, crossdressers, and those they love. Our research will change lives and our society. Donations may be tax deductible.
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