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Who are we? 

The CrossDress Research Institute (CDRI) is an avid collaboration between “Jennifer Sometimes” of the CrossDress Radio Network and Jane Ellen Fairfax, Chair of Tri-Ess, the nation’s foremost crossdresser organization.

“Jennifer Sometimes” is the host of a broadcast show, Free to Be She, on the CrossDress Radio Network.

Jane Ellen Fairfax is a practicing MD and is regarded as a leading authority on crossdressing.

These two personalities recognized the stark lack of empirical data on crossdressing and founded the CDRI. In comparison, the Transgender and the entire LGBTQ+ community has been studied in great depth.

This glaring disparity in research neglects a large population from around the world. Currently, there is no other institution specifically dedicated to researching crossdressers.

Tri-Ess with its long history, over 40 years, of supporting crossdressers and their wives. They conduct outreach and try to dispel the myths of crossdressing. Tri-Ess is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

CrossDress Research Institute’s mission is to conduct deep research into the crossdresser, his interactions with his wife and her issues, concerns and myths about her crossdressing husband.

This brings CDRI to qualitive data research best performed in conjunction with an established research entity. For CDRI it is Emory Univ. of Atlanta, GA. One of the requirements of CDRI is it having a 501(c)3 non-profit status. This would take time, energy and resources that were not available.

Ah, the picture is starting to unfold.

CDRI is the brainchild of Jennifer Sometimes. She is a retired international airline captain who flew the worlds largest jets while underdressing and with painted toenails!

For the past couple of years Jennifer has hosted the live podcast show Free to be She on the CrossDress Radio Network – CDRN. Her show specializes in delving into the deeper issues of crossdressing.

No issue was taboo, everything needed to come out to the light of understanding. This also included the wives of crossdressers.

Lots of pain brought clarity, understanding and acceptance.

Jennifer and Rhonda Lee founded the Crossdress Survey. It needed a home.

Jennifer started the CDRI process then realized it already had a home. But Tri-Ess didn’t know it. Jennifer called Jane Ellen and the rest is history. The Research Institute is a perfect match with Tri-Ess and the Crossdress Radio Network can give great support.

Mission Statement

To promote evidence-based psychological and physical healthcare, education, research, and social policy to further the understanding of crossdressing/transvestism.

To reduce the misdiagnosis of and erroneous beliefs about crossdressing/transvestism.

To sponsor outreach to educate, dispel fear, and correct misunderstandings about the crossdress community with evidence-based facts.

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An affiliate of Tri-Ess (Society for the Second Self, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization).

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