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About Crossdress Surveys 

All surveys are best conducted alone without any other person’s input. To register for the survey, go here.

Soon after the release of this, our initial survey, we will initiate our second survey. This survey will be specifically designed by cis women for the crossdresser’s wives and girlfriends. We anticipate having no male or crossdresser input. This will make a truly cis female to cis female survey from their hearts.

The female survey will be released the same way as this crossdresser survey. Information and updates will be made available on the CrossDress Research Institute (CDRI) website, the Tri-Ess website, and the CrossDress Radio Network and videos on its YouTube channel.

You can also opt-in to receive email updates and further surveys.

Jane Ellen Fairfax, Rhonda Lee and Jennifer Sometimes will be on the Halloween Crossdresser Cruise where they will give a private discussion of our findings to date. More cruise information can be found here. You are welcome to join us on this or our future cruises.

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