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Thoughts and insights on crossdressing research and our community, updated regularly by the Director of CDRI.

  • Friday, June 04, 2021 8:33 PM | Jennifer Sometimes (Administrator)

    It wasn’t all that long ago when a man in a dress was arrested. I remember my mother telling me that if I ever saw a man in a dress to run. Past prejudices have slowly faded under the light of understanding. Though still there, they are receding.

    All isn’t roses. Most accept it because it is expected of them. Within they still question and wonder because of one major problem.

    Knowledge. It is foundational to everything. You can’t change your mind without the knowledge to take you to the change. That knowledge is evaluated by your mind. You realize that the new is better than the old. You make the decision. This can happen in a instant or over time.

    If you force change, people feel oppressed. Change is best when the person wants to change. It thus becomes ingrained.

    This is our goal. Change can come with the truth. Empirical data shines above hearsay, innuendo, and fear.

    We crossdressers stand on the shoulders of the many who have demonstrated the truth. It’s time to begin clinical surveys of crossdressers and their loved ones. We intend to educate and reach out with the highest level of knowledge we can assemble.

    Are you or a loved one living half a life because of fear? Tell me about it.

    I ask you, why fear the neighbor who is a great dad?

    Why look down on the guy who is an awesome husband?

    What are your thoughts?

  • Wednesday, June 02, 2021 4:21 PM | Anonymous

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