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about Emory University

With the help of Dr. Dana Bevan, the President of USPATH (United States Professional Association of Transgender Health), the Survey’s journey led to a collaboration with Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Bevan introduced us to the President of WPATH (World PATH), Dr. Vin Tangpricha, a Professor at Emory University. Dr. Tangpricha graciously accepted the task of becoming the Principal Investigator on this project. Work is still underway for final approval by Emory University.

In addition to Dr. Tangpricha, those directly involved at this time are:

Dr. Michael Goodman, MD, MPH Emory Univ. Professor of Epidemiology

“Jennifer Sometimes”, Executive Director CDRI, Founder of CDRN, Tri-Ess

Jane Ellen Fairfax MD, Chair of Tri-Ess

Rhonda Lee, crossdresser, Director National Outreach, Tri-Ess

Kristine MaWhinney, Graduate, Emory University.

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