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Message to SURVEY participants

This, our first survey in a series, is intended for crossdressers. The survey should take 20-25 minutes. We hope to have finalized results by the end of 2021. A pre-release, and discussion headed by 3 principals involved, will be conducted on the 2021 Halloween cruise. You are invited to participate. More info here.

The information obtained is for the purpose of establishing a valid and verifiable repository of empirical data, currently this does not exist. The information will be crossdress specific. Your participation is vital in obtaining a greater understanding of crossdressing on both a personal and societal level. Survey participation will be made available around the world and in over 200 languages.

Please visit to view the progress, reports and culmination of results. Additionally, information will become available in the CisCross Magazine (soon to publish), Tri-Ess.Org. and on the CrossDress Radio Network’s YouTube channel.

If you have not pre-registered for the Survey, you may do so here.

We think you for pre-registering and taking the time to complete this historic survey and sharing your personal crossdresser self. Through this, we hope that not only will you learn about other crossdressers worldwide, but also about yourself.

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