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A Gift of Love

We crossdressers and loved ones have lived, loved and learned much. Life has taken us through many challenges and journeys. Whether we’ve traveled to distant lands or into the depths of our hearts, we are brothers, sisters and soul mates. Eventually, there comes a time to say “adieu”. We take with us a special love and rich memories that few are privileged to experience. The crossdresser has lived an expanded connectivity with life. We are the few that understand more. Though we probably started with questions and anxiety, we finish with contentment and a knowing of who we are.

In our unique way each has endured much. Some have been Blessed to know our crossdress sisters and others through the years. We’ve helped each other and supported those searching. We did all this from our hearts because we know the hearts of those that are seeking to know themselves. Many of us have kept a secret life. That is the part of us living in the shadows. Regardless, if it was a few years or a lifetime, the shadows robbed us of living a full life. We long for inclusion and acceptance both from without and within.

When you plan for that inevitable time when you leave us and the world, please think of us. Consider a loving Gift of Remembrance to help our mission carry on with outreach to those in the shadows, dispel misunderstandings and bring crossdressing into the light of mainstream.

Yes, a lasting gift of love at your final farewell.

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