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Why investigate crossdressers? 

I’ll clear it up with another question: Why investigate the unknown?

Now that you have a perplexed look on your face, we can go on.

Humanity has grown up a lot in the past decade. But humanity doesn’t grow up for everyone. The concept of a man in a dress brings many thoughts to the average person. These thoughts are heavily weighted with negativity. This is especially so for those who were raised before the LGBT movement.

What do you call a woman who occasionally dresses in men’s clothes? Answer FASHION

What do you call a man who has a deep affinity to dress as a woman on occasion? Answer… Gay!!!

Wrong, WRONG AND WRONG!!! I’ve had people argue with me telling me that I was gay. That I will not accept the fact that I was gay and that I was lying to them. They cannot fathom the fact that they were closed minded and wrong. 

We crossdressers live with a terrible double standard that society puts on us. Yet, this is societies reaction to our unique facet of life. Let us change places, now you are the crossdresser trying to explain who you are, while most everyone doesn’t believe you, won’t accept you and consider you a “lesser” man. That you are someone to stay away from and shield your children from. Is a woman in male attire considered an unacceptable “lesser” woman?

So, now what do you do? Most shun you. Only a few may listen. Like everyone else, your fear drives you into the shadows. Now you are destoned to live half a life believing you are God’s mistake or that you are cursed. It is not fun being branded as something you are not. Yes, that brand is hot and painful.

This drives a wooden steak into the heart of our self-esteem!

I ask you again, why investigate the unknown? Are these countless millions of lives worth understanding? Am I worthless? You have gone out of your way to understand the LGBT communities, to support them and accept them. Why are we the exception?

Crossdressers are like Dark Matter. We are there, yet you do not see us. We influence things around us, but we are still invisible. All this is driven by fear. The fear is real. It is there every waking moment. You should take a minute to reflect on what it would be like to live a fear-based life. Now add this… you have nowhere to turn. 

Oh, to be accepted as the person I am. What would it be like to live my authentic life?

Let us go to the professionals! Most the mental and medical professionals believe that crossdressing is the first step on the road to fully transition to become a woman. Wrong again! 

Crossdressers are so beaten down that it takes real courage to talk with a medical professional. They have the credentials; therefore, they must have the answers we so desperately need. In most cases, wrong again!

It‘s big business to sell sex change operations, therapy and dispense hormones. Many crossdressers have been pressured into levels of transition they now regret. The lack of awareness and understanding by both the medical and mental professionals is shocking. We are not to be looked at as their next Mercedes payment. How would you feel?

The squeaky wheels got the attention, support, and acceptance. All the while the crossdressers were passed by. Because of the many misconceptions, fear of loss of marriages and jobs, the crossdressers kept their mouths shut and hid in the shadows.

Are you willing to offer a helping hand or are you going to turn your back and lock our door?

Now the problem is this: There is no ground truth data related to crossdressing. Why are life and death decisions being made based on misconceptions and wrong information? 

Are these millions to be banished? Are these people not worthy of equality? Time again to turn it around and put you in their place. BTW… your divorce and suicide rates just doubled. That data speaks volumes. The next question is, are you willing to listen? Don’t you find these stats troubling? What if we were talking about your father, brother, or son?

The problem is that you and most all people have pre-disposed ideas to think they are right but not the knowledge to know they are wrong. Compassion for us stops at our front door.

Now it’s time to research the internet. I’ll give you a few minutes for you to realize that everything you find is disgusting, sexual and money driven.

Obviously, you did not find any real data. I can’t begin to count the tutorials on how-to apply makeup. But did you find anything about the struggles, the emotions, or the pain we crossdressers go through? I’m talking about the real guts of the issues we face.

Have you thought about what the wife goes thru? I have interviewed many wives. As the saying goes, Knowledge dispels fear. Now without knowledge we only have fear.

Crossdressing is societies last taboo. Are you willing to face it and release societies cursed ones? Or, are you going to look the other way and say: Not my problem?

So, why investigate crossdressers? 

No empirical data

Millions live in constant fear 

Ostracized by society

Correct the Misunderstandings by medical and mental health professionals

Save marriages

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